Comic Rewind: Half Past Danger Vol. 1


In 1943 some Allied Soldiers are island hopping in the South Pacific when they discover two dangerous and out-of-place enemies in Half Past Danger Vol. 1.

Staff Sergeant Thomas Michael Flynn is leading his men through across a small island looking for Japanese encampments.  Flynn is no stranger to dangerous missions or action as he has already led his troops through one of WWII’s big conflicts, Battle of Guadalcanal.  After that battle his troops had complete trust in Flynn.

However, as they were making their way through the jungle they came across something very unexpected, a Nazi base.  The island should only have Japanese troops on them, but Nazi troops means a different game plan is needed because of different equipment and tactics between the two Axis Powers.

They decide to flank around the base and take photos as they do so to send back to the higher ups.  However, as they are making their way around they see the second unusual thing on the island. A raptor looking dinosaur comes out and tries to attack them.  After it is shot dead they can’t believe how big the lizards are on the island. A few moments later two T-Rex dinosaurs come out and kill all but Flynn and one other soldier.

They climb up a tree to wait for the dinos to leave or look for an opportunity to escape.  However, when a T-Rex rams the tree and makes Flynn fall they have to run. Flynn makes it out alive because the other soldier sacrificed himself to save the photos of the raptor and the Nazi base by throwing the bag to Flynn.

Two months later Flynn is drinking in a bar as he was disgraced and shunned for losing all his men and lying about the dinos.  Agent Huntington-Moss of MI6 and Captain John Noble enter the bar looking for Flynn. They believe him and need his help.

The Nazis are taking the dinos and trying to extract the virus which made them go extinct to create a bio-weapon.  Flynn is the only person to make it off the island and they need him to be their guide. The team will consist of Huntington-Moss, Noble who is basically a more durable Captain America, Ishikawa Minamoto who is a Japanese defector who found the Pearl Harbor attack disgraceful and Flynn.

Half Past Danger Vol. 1 was written by Stephen Mooney with art by Mooney and Jordie Bellaire.  The volume was published by IDW Publishing in 2014.

First of all I love the title of this book.  I am really into noir movies and that title is straight out of one of those movies or a pulp book.  The premise is really pulpy too and is like a Indiana Jones movie.

I really liked a lot of parts of the book.  Flynn is an anti-hero who happens to be good at his job.  A super group of people with special skills is very comic book.  I also liked the spy WWII elements. Every time it looks like they finally stopped the Nazis a new twist comes up and kept me on my toes.

My only real problem with the volume was I felt it went by too fast.  I liked these characters and wanted to know more about them. The characters are just shoved in our face and the action just starts.  It is hard to sit back and soak up the story.

I wanted more story explained and more character interactions, backstory and development.  I wish this book was longer and that is saying something because I love short compact killer stories.  However, there is a second volume so hopefully that fills in the holes which kept this book from being perfect.


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