Pegg Has a Message For Angry Fans Regarding Jar Jar & Rose Tico


Recent Toxicity Among Star Wars “Fans” Has Led To Backlask From Actor Simon Pegg

In recent weeks, Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best came forward to tell of how he had thoughts of suicide regarding the ridiculous and ugly backlash he received from toxic “fans” because of the character he played in the Star Wars Universe. Following the reports of other actors/actresses from the films, (Rose Tico, Daisey Ridley), deleting social media accounts due to classless toxicity, these so called “fans” are becoming a growing concern.

Actress Kelly Tran was a recent target from fans regarding her character in The Last Jedi, “Rose Tico”. Since a lot of people don’t seem to have the capacity to just not like something or someone and then move on, she was forced to remove her social media accounts because of constant harassment and discrimination and toxicity from angry “fans”. Actress Daisy Ridley also closed social media accounts due to the growing toxicity among the fan base as well. one actor has said enough is enough.

English actor and comedian Simon Pegg, most notable for his roles in “Shawn of The Dead”, “Hot Fuzz”, and the “Star Trek” movies, has lashed back at those angry and toxic fans. Before going any further, Simon Pegg was one of the people who made jokes about Best’s “Jar Jar Binks” character and was upset about the introduction of new characters into Star Wars movies and cannon, but ultimately apologized for his comments and opinions about the Gungan goofball, saying he “felt so ashamed there was actually a human victim” in all that.

Following his discovery of the hateful, racist and sexist harassment of Kelly Tran and her SW character, which led to her closing all social media accounts, Pegg finally has stepped up in defense of the first woman of color to have a lead role in the SW franchise. Taking a fair shot back at those toxic, and to use the term lightly, “fans”, Simon Pegg basically said that, “I feel sorry for Kelly. She was just in a film–a fucking film, that’s all it is. None of it matters, none of it”. (reported by Frida Garza on ‘The Muse’). And he has a very good and valid point.

They are just movies. Clearly the “fan” base can be very divided, vocal, opinionated, toxic, but also supportive, strong, intense, and united. Either way, at the end of the day, these are, like Pegg says, films. They are works of fiction telling fictional stories with fictional characters in a fictional world. In case anyone is confused, fiction, for all intents and purposes, means fake. We can like or love something, or we can dislike or hate something, it’s our rights, but ultimately that’s where it needs to stop. Because we don’t like a character, do we have the right to drive someone to near suicide, or to shut down from social media sites that I’m sure contains his or her family and friends? No, we have the right to voice  tasteful and tactful opinions and displeasure, likes and dislikes, and move on. To get this fired up about make believe worlds and characters is preposterous. To quote Simon Pegg again, (the actor from that “other” universe, lol), “they are just fucking films…THAT’S IT”. I love Star Wars, it’s not perfect, but then again, nothing is, but it’s just fun movies with fun characters for us to have fun watching. Period. And, as always…..

May The Force Be With You!!

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