Anthony Mackie To Star In Altered Carbon Season 2


Netflix has renewed their Sci-Fi action series Altered Carbon for a second season. The series takes place in a world where people are able to change bodies almost as easily as they change clothes, so the casting of Anthony Mackie as main character Takeshi Kovacs, taking over for Joel Kinneman, fits within the narrative of the story. While most of the cast, including Kinneman, only had one-year contracts, though none are confirmed, a few have the potential to return again, including Takeshi’s sister Reileen, played by Dicen Lachman Poe, played by Chris Connor (one of my favorite characters in the show), or any previous incarnation of Takeshi or people he interacted with in his past.

Based on the book series by Richard K Morgan, the story follows the life of Takeshi Kovacs over a span of hundreds of years. Season 1 covered the first book, so it would make sense that Season 2 would follow it’s sequel, Broken Angels, which takes place some 30 years or so after Altered Carbon. I’m pretty excited about the possibility of the series following the second book. Without spoiling anything, the story takes us into space to examine an ancient Martian artifact that is being fought over by multiple groups. I’m a sucker for sci-fi artifact stories and this one is pretty cool in a Mass Effect sorta way. I just hope he’ll still be walking around with the ‘Hello Unicorn’ backpack.

There’s no release date yet for Altered Carbon Season 2, but I would guess we’re looking at late winter or early spring of 2019.

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