Top 5 Movies That SHOULD Be Remade/Rebooted



Top 5 Movies That SHOULD Be, (And Some That Possibly Will Be), Remade/Rebooted

We live an era of not just an over-saturation of comic book/superhero movies, but of constant remakes and reboots, some of which are good, but most of which should never have been remade. But I digress, with Hollywood clearly in a state of unoriginality, I have to say that there are some movies, be it based on current technology or just something we want to see again, that NEED to be remade/rebooted. Here is a list of 5 movies that should receive the remake or reboot treatment.

1. The Last Starfighter. While it is rumored that this sci-fi 80’s flick is supposed to get a reboot, this is probably one that a LOT of fans are clamoring for. TLS was probably one of the best science fiction movies of the 80’s that wasn’t Star Wars, and a favorite of gamer fans as well. In the movie, an arcade game becomes reality for Alex Rogan, a trailer park resident who constantly dreams of the stars . If Hollywood wants to redeem it’s failure of most reboot/remakes..make this one happen!!

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