The New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Rumor: Cancelling


A user on Super Hype Forums posted an unconfirmed leak from Fox and gives details on the troubled X-Men franchise.  Both The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix could be dropped if the Disney/Fox merger goes through.  And Deadpool might get one more film to close out series.

Rumors for the unreleased The New Mutants film and X-Men: Dark Phoenix have appeared on Superhero Hype Forums.  Unlike Reddit, the site does have moderators. And the user that posted the information is considered trustworthy enough that writer Pomojema shared it elsewhere.  However, the following information should be considered rumor, not fact.

Teenage Deadpool

The forum post described the original vision for The New Mutants movie as a Deadpool like R-rated dark comedy.  The New Mutants would have conformed closer to the original comics.  The next generation of students would come to the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and get into fun teenage trouble.  Then the team would face-off against a robot Sentinel.  This was dropped by the studio because it was considered too expensive.

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