SDCC 2018: “The Death Of Superman” Film Promises To Stay Faithful To Original Comic Story


The Death Of Superman is one of the most well-known (maybe even infamous?) comic book storylines of all time and has been adapted into a brand new animated film by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment.

The film will center on the infamous storyline that culminates with, surprise, the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday. Now, we’ve seen the death of Supes happen before onscreen but it was made very clear to us at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that this movie intends to set itself apart by remaining extremely faithful to the original source material.

“When James asked me to come on board it was, ‘Hey, we’re gonna be doing a pretty much faithful adaptation of this book this time,’ which hasn’t been done really in the past,” said co-director Jake Castorena.

Executive producer James Tucker also emphasized that staying faithful to a story called “The Death Of Superman” meant that certain things had to happen. “Well, we know he had to die,” he said half-jokingly, “we knew there was certain structural things about the original event that had to take place to make it connect to the original comic books.”

The original comic book story was told in three parts, however the animated story will be told in two installments, The Death Of Superman and Reign Of The Superman which will be released in 2019. The original middle part of the story is known as “Funeral For A Friend” and Tucker confirmed that “Funeral” would indeed be divided between the two movies. “Well, they gave us two movies so what we decided is the middle part is getting split up. Meaning we throw some of it at the end of this movie and the next movie will start with that. And so we basically take that real estate, split it in two, and this is the mourning period. It’s people mourning for Superman.”

Focusing on such a faithful execution of the story means that this film will have more time dedicated to smaller character moments and personal relationships. Lead Character Designer Phil Brourassa was especially excited for that opportunity. “I’ve always liked the relationships, the sort of tender stuff, the romantic stuff. Everybody knows we do fights and action really well but I always like it when we get a chance to see the more human side of characters, so I’m excited for people to see that aspect ‘cause I think that if you can’t pull that off, then you’ve only got half of the story.”

The Death Of Superman will premiere on July 24, 2018 and will be released on Blu-Ray on August 7, 2018.

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