San Diego Comic-Con Top 5 TV Trailers


While there were very few movie trailers this year at SDCC, there were a number of television/streaming shows, showing off what was too come for their shows when they launch this fall.  Here are what I believe were the 5 best trailers for their respective shows in reverse order, so here we go:

#5 Star Trek Discovery season 2 – I will admit I do not have the streaming service and did not season 1.  I had mild at best interest in this show even though I heard usually positive things about it.  I was half heartedly listening to this trailer when all of a sudden I hear “Captain Christopher Pike”.  Wait, who, what?!  Apparently Captain Kirk’s mentor will be leading this season’s adventures.  Not only that Somehow Spock is going to factor in as well.  The trailer looked sharp and action packed.  I may have to check this series out.

#4 The Flash – For four years this has been one of the best CW hero shows amongst the group.  Season five doesn’t look to let up.  Barry and Iris must figure out what to do with their daughter from the future.  Why she is here and her secrets will be revealed over the season, but even more important is the baddie of the year.  For the first time in awhile are we not dealing with the speed force and dimensional portals.  No we are dealing with a cult leader obsessed with killing people saved by the flash.  His name is Cicada.  Between his entrance in the trailer and his wicked lightning shaped dagger, he could a new type of threat Barry isn’t ready for.

#3 Titans – Holy blown minds Batman!  I saw this one and my jaw dropped.  The new Robin suit that had been released looked of movie quality, but I wasn’t ready for how intense this trailer was going to be.  A young girl seeks Dick Grayson’s help as she is plagued by demons, literal demons.  This girl has all the markings of Raven.  About the time Dick forms the (Teen) Titans in the comics, he was becoming very fed up with Batman.  Well apparently that is going on here as Robin spits the phrase “F*** Batman” right before kicking the tar out of some bad guys.  We get shots of Beast Boy that look very promising.  Hawk and Dove are barely seen but they look like they mean business the little the are present.  I am not sold on the new Starfire and how she looks, but we shall see what they do with her.  This will be dark.  This will be graphic as its TV-MA.  This looks to rock the house!  Or app since you will need to get the DC streaming service when it launches.

#2 The Gifted – I really enjoyed the first season of this show.  It is set in the X-Men universe except there are no more X-Men.  Mutants are running for their lives from the government.  The Struckers have to figure out this new world and fast.  Come season 2 and it looks like its time for a mutant war even Magneto could not have brought on. Riva Paige looks to be ready to rip the world apart with the help of a very pregnant Polaris and Andy Strucker as well?  This will be all out war with several different family alliances being tested in the process.

#1 Clone Wars Return! – The second trailer linked to a streaming service, we found out that Dave Filoni’s grand surprise was not a look at the forth coming Disney XD Resistance, but instead a brand new trailer promising to finish a war that had been left unfinished.  Anakin and Obi-Wan look like their Revenge of the Sith selves when they walk in on Rex talking to a Mandalorian and ….well….watch the trailer. I’m not spoiling this one.  These are the lost episodes that were scrapped when the show was cancelled on Cartoon Network after the Disney buy out.  When the show was cancelled it was in peak form and does not look to let up judging from this trailer.  These last episodes should be epic!

Check out these and all the other trailers that dropped this past week at Comicon. Joe Vitale Jersey

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