San Diego Comic-Con Movie Trailer Review


Well San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is now in the books.  With Disney owning Marvel, the number of movie trailers has decreased significantly (think of that when they take control of the Fox movie stable).  Without Marvel they should really change the convention moniker to SDCC, as it seems to be DC’s playground now.   I wanted to do a top 5 movie trailers from SDCC.  The I realized only five were released, so in order of best to worst (even though they are all great) here we go:

#5 Glass:  Don’t let this ranking fool you.  I am seriously looking forward to this movie.  You throw Sam “F-ing” Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy in a movie it will be worth checking out.  M. Knight Shamalan “The Shamhammer” has been on my crap list for sometime, but Split did a lot to reverse the string of lemons that preceded it.  Unbreakable was a solid, but see through movie.  Never the less, after split, this movie has a lot of promise!  As trailers go I just wasn’t that impressed.  It reminded us of what happened, but gave us little to go on for this next installment.  If trailer 2 does better when it drops this one won’t be that big a deal.

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