REVIEW: Action Comics #1001 Slowly Takes Off Slowly


What am I talking about this time: Action Comics #1001 “Invisible Mafia”

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Patrick Gleason

Cover by: Patrick Gleason

Variant cover by: David Mack, Francis Manapul


Overall Review: 3.5 Bald Bendis Heads out of 5

Is it worth a $3.99? Yeah, the art and dialogue save this one, there are some very well written scenes… to bad barely anything happens in any of them.


Spoiler Free Review:

This issue takes all the lose ends that Bendis left laying around after his Man Of Steel Run and begins threading them through a new story… but it’s a slow process, man.  I know It’s a first issue and we gatta re-state everything and set-up bigger stuff to come… but still, it’s a pretty low key Superman story. No big bad to fight, just some steady momentum to keep a few plot points moving. The dialogue and art are excellent, however with some truly funny moments, but plot wise it seems muddled and hesitant… almost as if Bendis is as unsure of where these story threads are going as we are.

Spoilery Review:

Superman is stopping a burglary at Lexcorp, it’s pretty standard stuff, but the dialogue here is laugh out loud funny.  It’s a great twist on the usual shoot at Superman and throw a gun bit, but it’s so refreshing to see a take that you havn’t seen before on such well worn territory.

Sadly, however, this is it for “action” in this issue of Action Comics.  Then, we dive right back in to where we left off. A quick reminder of our hanging plot threads: There’s a bunch of arson being committed in Metropolis and a little boy thinks Superman is doing it. The Daily Planet is in financial trouble,  Lois and John have gone with Jor-El to space, and ther are a lot of new minor characters to keep track of. Bendis and the new Fire Chief track down the little boy that claimed Superman is starting the fires, the boy says that a bald man paid him money and told him to do it. The Fire Chief still sees Superman as a suspect, but they believe the boy. Again, the dialogue here is very real- focusing on how Superman could be intimating to a witness and a hindrance to an official investigation. Back at the Daily Planet, Trish, the Gossip Columnist, is trying to track down Lois and bugs Clark about it, chiding him that Lois left him for Superman.

There’s a shot of Clark looking at all the bald bad guys…. but I swear, they all look like Bendis to me?!

Then there’s a weird cabal of baddies and the Red Mist appears and kills one of them, as one of their own has been starting the fires as a distraction for Superman.

On the Last page, we learn that Lois is actually at the Drake Hotel writing about her secrets… except Jon is nowhere to be seen. And That’s it.

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