EXCLUSIVE: Liv Tyler Offered Role In MGM’s CHILD’S PLAY Remake


A little over week ago it was reported that MGM was moving forward with a remake of the 1980s horror classic Child’s Play. Co-created by Don Mancini, and centered around a possessed doll named Chucky, who torments a single mother and her son

We have learned that the studio has interest in The Incredible Hulk actress Liv Tyler. If Tyler accepts the offer she would play Andy’s mother Karen. We have reached out to the studio for comment but have heard nothing back as of yet and we will update you on the project as we get closer to the films production start.

Plot details on the remake are slim and it’s unclear at this time how MGM’s Child’s Play film will differ from Mancini’s original film series, but Collider speculates that Dourif won’t be involved in the movie and that the studio will recast the voice of Chucky.

The remake will be directed by Lars Klevberg, the Norwegian filmmaker behind the horror movie Polaroid, from a script by Kung Fury 2‘s Tyler Burton Smith. Production on the film begins this September in Vancouver, Canada.




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