Chewbacca Is Back On Kashyyyk And Recovering


Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Home Recovering From Successful Spinal Surgery

Sometimes, even a Wookie is effected by the many rigors of the galaxy. As we all know, the original actor who played the mighty Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew,  recently underwent spinal surgery, which was to help improve his mobility. Carrying around a 7′ 2″ frame is no easy task, and the years weighed down on him. His large frame, added with the fact the actor is older, 74, is a lot of stress to put on his spine.

In recent years, Mayhew has walked with the assistance of a cane, and on more than one occassion, has used a wheelchair at several movie premiers to help him get around. With this surgery, it should help the actors mobility and with the recent announcement that he would be skipping the London Film and Comic Con because of the surgery, we can hope that it does just that. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep seeing the fuzzball laugh it up.

Recently, Peter posted a tweet to his twitter account reassuring fans that he was, and would be, ok. While he spends the next few weeks recovering, we can wish the man well in his recovery as we can’t wait to see the big man back on his feet, making appearances and gracing us with his giant stature. The actor is as much loveable as a man as he was when he donned the big suit of fur, roaring through the galaxy, literally, so it’s hard to imagine that a character who rips the arms out of droids sockets is laid up in a bed working to get back up and moving.


So while Chewbacca recovers over the next few weeks on Kashyyyk, here’s to wishing Peter Mayhew a healthy and speedy recovery, because even in real life, you let the Wookie win. Hopefully soon he will back at movie premiers and conventions, sharing his stories and livelihood with fans of all ages. And as always…

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