Weekend Box Office(7-20/22): Equalizer Wins Shoot Out


In a tight fight for the top spot, Equalizer 2 pulls out a late surge to capture the #1 spot from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.  The Equalizer 2 managed to pull in $35.8 million.  This amount is slightly higher than the first Equalizer film, so that is always a good thing.  The first film made a sizable chunk in the Chinese market, which the sequel is still waiting for.

Mamma Mia 2 came in a close second with $34.1 million.  Mamma Mia’s projections were leading the box office for most of the weekend, but fell a bit short.  This is a $7 million improvement over the first film which went on to make a staggering amount of money on a $52 million budget.  The future looks bright for this film.

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    Coming in a solid third place is the kids movie Hotel Transylvania 3 at $23 million.  Hotel dropped only 47.5% in its second week which is impressive.  Most films count themselves lucky with a 53% drop.  Hotel Transylvania will face some stiff competition in the coming weeks.

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Solidifying the number four spot is Antman and the Wasp at $16 million in its third week.  So far Antman2 has brought in a hefty $353 million world wide.  While on the low end of the Marvel spectrum, its still a hefty haul.  Granted it still needs $160 million to match its predecessor, Antman.

Numbers 4-6 were separated by a mere $500k.   Incredibles 2 holds tight to the number 5 spot with $11.5 million.  Jurassic World 2 came in at $11 million and Skyscraper fell four spots to the seventh slot with $10.9 million.  JW2 and Incredibles2 continue to fight for every last dollar possible.  Skyscraper fell 56% despite having 40 theaters added.  Look for Skyscraper to break about even when all is said and done.

Next week look for all these films to take serious hits when Mission Impossible – Fallout releases.  This film has received a lot of pre-release hype and good buzz so far.  Teen Titans Go! also releases next week.  Look for it to take some money from the kids movies, but little else. Jason Chimera Authentic Jersey

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