The Orville Season Two Trailer: First Reactions


the orville is back and looks amazing

Today, The Orville dropped a season 2 trailer from SDCC 2018.  And there is so much to be excited about for the new season

Season 1 recap

I loved the first season, but it was by all means not exactly perfect.  For the first half of the season, it wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a comedy with some drama, or a drama with some comedy.  Even by the end of the first season, it didn’t quite flesh out what it wanted to be.  Furthermore, the budget of the first season limited what could really be explored.  Even with the criticisms, it turned out to be an omage of sorts to the Star Trek TNG era.  The episodic stories made for refreshing philosophy story wise (the episode with allegory of climate change was brilliant and had Liam Neeson guest starring.)  You can see a more full review of season one here.

This ship looks…ok, not the greatest

Things to be excited about in season two

A much, much bigger budget

In the trailer it shows hard.  Most of the ship still maintains its minimalist simplicity, but the CGI looks amazing compared to season one.  You can also see some of the alien FX much more detailed.  More costumes, more characters, more of everything that was enjoyed in season 1.  That suit Seth is wearing looks like Iron Man meeting the space suits from Star Trek Discovery.  Super bad ass.

A grander, stronger season

Now that we are moving away from a pilot season, we have a much broader scope of what The Orville is really about.  It feels like Star Trek if we were following the perspective of an actual Science Vessel, instead of a Trip-Fall-land into a scenario situation as we are using to seeing in the Star Trek realm.  Seth Macfarline’s character looks legitimately excited about first contact…like if it only happens once in a lifetime rather than one an episode (not to say Star Trek makes it boring or anything).


much more action

In the first season, the action of the series seemed to be an afterthought in the philosophical debate.  Good for old school Star Trek fans, but the action is noticeably limp and mostly missing for the most part in season 1.  Season 2 looks like it’s going to be much more rounded in what we see on the screen.

season 2 might settle the show

As seen in season 1, the show often fought over what kind of genre it would be.  This trailer gave us 90 percent action and exploration, and 10 percent comedy.  Now it could be that the trailer is simply used to show audiences that the show is making up for the somewhat confusing for season 1, it would be interesting to see a the Macfarline comedy take a background role in a show.

Things I wanted to see in the trailer (or later on)

Holodecks!  Why is this not a thing?  So much grade-A material could come out of holodecks.

Where is Yaphet?!

More comedy, but I imagine they will showcase it later on.

First Reaction: 8/10

Are you excited for the new season?  Have fan theories?  What do you wanna see in the new season?  Let us know in the comments below!


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