SDCC 2018: Steven Universe Movie Trailer Review!


Fresh off the heels of SDCC we’ve got Steven Universe news! During the panel, Rebecca Sugar & Co. not only announced that there’s a Steven Universe movie in the pipeline – they dropped a trailer! Take a look at the 30 second teaser below.

Let’s get into this, because we know anything related to the Crystal Gems isn’t going to be as easy as it seems. There’s a spinning heart shaped gem that reflects the faces of the Crystal Gems, and then a face with glowing eyes and a mouth and haunting baby-esque laugh. What does it mean?

With season 5 of Steven Universe just ending and dropping series altering information, this movie could be a way to offer the epic the huge ending it deserves; or it could be a sweet non-sequitur. Looks like we won’t know for a while, there was no release date given for the film during the panel.



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