SDCC 2018: Legends Of Tomorrow Panel Announces Another Season To Fight Back The Grittiness Of DC’s Everything Else


DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has always been hit AND miss. For every crappy episode, there is an a home run that makes it all worth it. Even at its worst, every shot is full of heart and fun. Sometimes, they falter and fail, but when they succeed, man it’s spectacular. Its the kind of show that that’s silly enough to let you know how much everyone on screen is having as much fun as you watching at home, laughing.

And it looks like from the trailer, this next season is going to continue in that tradition.

In accordance with a certain website’s breaking the character breakdowns (us), a nod to the great time travelers of the past, Biff Tannen himself, Thomas F. Wilson (Back To The Future) is joining the crew of the Waverider as Nate’s father, Hank Heywood. Also, we’ll meet Ramona Young from Z Nation as newcomer Alaska Yu, a young magic expert, which is good because this season seems to focus on the combination of time travel AND magic. Helping out will be returning anti-hero John Constantine, played by the perfect, Matt Ryan. Unfortunately, when Legends returns in October, Keiynan Lonsdale’s speedster Wally West won’t be along for the ride.


All our fav’s are returning, though- Caity Lotz’s fantastically Sara Lance, portrayed like a Kirk on steroids, Brandon Routh dorky and lovable Ray Palmer, Dominic Purcell as the Mick Rory is the very definition of gruff, Nick Zano as Commander Steel/Nate Heywood, Tala Ashe’s Isis-ish Zari Tomaz, Courtney Ford’s  Nora Darhk, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as the latest incarnation of Vixen. Not to mention my new personal fav Jes Macallan’s Ava Sharpe- I know her relationship with Sara Lance is doomed, but god damn these opposite attract relationships really grab me.

Last season began with the team weakening the time barrier causing anomalies to arise in the time line (Caesar appearing at a beach party type stuff), while this season begins with the team weakening the magic barrier causing  anomalies to arise in the time line.  Similar, but a fine line of distinction that doesn’t matter in the least with the irreverent humor and fun the writers have with these stories.  This season seemingly sees unicorns mixing with Jimi Hendrix and more dragons… aaaand Gorilla Grodd!?!.

Also, Beebo will be coming back, so we can’t lose!


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