The Gifted Season 2 Trailer is Here! | SDCC 2018


One of television’s best movie related comic book shows has finally dropped its season 2 trailer.  The Gifted, based off of the X-Men universe without actually using the X-Men, was one of the hottest new shows of last year.  Now thanks to Comicon we have this:

Talk about cranking up the intensity!  Last season’s premiere run introduced us to the X-Men world….minus the X-Men.  We were introduced to the Struckers and their complicated family.  We then met the mutant underground.  We followed them as they struggled to survive, but now it looks like we follow them to war.  We have a new baddie that is not only female, but ready to rip heads beyond anything Magneto was willing to do.  It is yet unknown if the season will be 13 episodes again or go for the full season run in the 20s, but if this trailer holds true it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!  I really hope the Disney Merger doesn’t mess with shows like this.

The Gifted premieres on Fox on its new night, Tuesday, September 25th now at 8p est.

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