Shazam Trailer drops at SDCC 2018!


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At long last the Shazam trailer has finally dropped at San Diego Comicon.  All we have had to this point is a couple of stills of Zachary Levi in the suit and his buddy Freddy played by Jack Dylan Grazer.  Now we get our first taste:

I know very little about Shazam other than it is a kid who turns into a Superman-like hero.  The stills looked hokey as hell.  Now with the trailer released…..I still don’t know what to think.  It looks hokey like a second rate “copy a superhero movie” wannabe.

So what’s the problem?  That’s how it is supposed to look!  It is a rare film that pokes fun of superheroes while at the same time BEING one of those superheroes.  In fact there are clues in the trailer pointing to the possible inclusion of Shazam into the Justice League future.  Everything that makes this trailer hokey and goofy is also what makes it look so fascinating and good!  Given how they start the trailer, they also lay the groundwork to actually having a darker story to tell as well. I am looking forward to this movie now. Kenrick Ellis Womens Jersey

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