SDCC 2018: D23 Unveils Brand-New Mickey Portrait


D23 unveils new portrait of Mickey Mouse created by animator Mark Henn

D23 debuted their first panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and the main star of the panel was none other than Disney’s Mickey Mouse himself! The panel focused on celebrating the 90th anniversary of Mickey and taking a look at the legendary roles that Mickey has taken on in animated films, TV shows, theme parks, and more.

While attending the panel, fans were the first to get the chance to see a brand new painted portrait of the famous character. This painting of Mickey Mouse titled “Spreading Happiness Around the World” was painted by the legendary Walt Disney Animation Studios animator Mark Henn, who has been drawing Mickey since the 1992 Disney animated classic Prince and the Pauper.

Before this unveiling, there had been six painted portraits of Mickey made exclusively for D23. The first five were created by Disney Legend, John Hench. Henn pulled inspiration from Hench’s previous works in order to convey that sense of joy and childlike feeling in the painting. We can see this as Mickey Mouse floats happily over the world, sprinkling magic dust below him with a smile on his face.

For fans who want to have their own copy of the painting, if you’re a D23 Gold member then you’re in luck!  Mark Henn’s Mickey Mouse portrait will be the Fall 2018 cover of Disney twenty-three, the quarterly magazine that reveals all exclusive Disney related things for Disney loving fans everywhere.

Make sure you check out our gallery below from D23’s “Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey Mouse with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club”. There you can see the unveiling of the new Mickey Mouse portrait, but also get a chance to see the six portraits that came before the 90th anniversary exclusive portrait.


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