SDCC 2018: Killer Frost Will Return to The Flash In Season 5!


When we left season 4 at the end of last year, after a run-in with William Davoe, Caitlin Snow was having issues summon Killer Frost.  In fact, Killer Frost being an additional personality was brought into question.  Had Killer Frost always existed inside of Kaitlin?

At The Flash San Diego Comic-con panel, show-runner Todd Helbing revealed that Killer Frost WILL indeed return for season 5 of The Flash.

“You’ll learn why and how she [Caitlin] got them [her powers]. She didn’t get them from the particle accelerator. We’ll learn all this in season 5.” – Todd Helbing

Season 5 is set to be a doozy for story-arc’s and Caitlin’s is no exception. We don’t know how or when during the season Killer Frost will return, but with Cicada on the way it seems Barry will need the help he can get!


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