SDCC 2018: Grant Gustin “Ep501 Best First Episode Since Pilot”


The Flash panel At San Diego Comic-con is making it rain information about what lies ahead for the fifth season of The Flash.  For four years it has been one of the CW’s top shows and appears they mean to push the bar even higher in this fifth season.  Here is the Trailer for season 5:

The Flash ring?! For those who may not know, the Flash ring has been around since 1956 and is the ultimate fashion accessory. Inside hold the Flash’s uniform, it’s basically a wardrobe in a ring, and Barry will wear it for the first time in season five.

On top of the season five trailer, The Flash panel at Comic-con panel we learned quite a few things that are as intriguing as the trailer itself.

  • 3 actors have been promoted to series regulars starting in season 5: we knew about Harley Sawyer (Ralph Dibny) promotion. Joining him are Jessica Parker Kenneday (Nora West) and Danielle Nicolette (Cecile). As great as all the OG characters have been, Candice Patton commented that this shake up brings in fresh new energy to the show.
  • Grant Gustin possibly had the BEST comment about the first episode of season five saying it’s the  best opening episode of a season since the pilot.
  • Cisco’s powers will continue to grow like never before.  While it took Cisco a couple years to realize his powers, we have watched him not only learn to control them, but have watched them grow.  Carlos Valdez commented that this year his powers will be “pushed in ways Cisco has never been pushed before.”
  • Where are Barry and Ralph’s jobs headed?  Barry will return to his roots this season by getting his old job back in the CSI department, which could lead to Barry investigating deaths of people familiar to him (enter Cicada).  Ralph will focus more on the detective side of his business this year.  Given his focus to detail, that could be fun.
  • This year we will get the 100th episode of the series which will be directed by Tom Cavanaugh, Dr. Harry Wells himself.

Shows love doing major stories or shake ups for this very special landmark episode.  The Flash is no different.  The 100th episode will in fact be episode 8 this year.  Episode 8 will also be the mid season finale, but leading into the Arrowverse crossover. Expect the Flash to play it safe?  Don’t count on it.  According to show-runner, Todd Helbring, fans should expect a “BIG TWIST.”

The Flash maybe fast, but waiting for premieres never are.  October 8 cannot arrive fast enough.



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