SDCC 2018: Charmed Reboot Debuts Pilot Episode At Comic-Con


The CW’s Charmed reboot showed up to this year’s Comic-Con with the pilot episode which was screened for fans in attendance. After the screening, a small panel discussion was held with the main cast and show runners who wanted to reiterate that the reboot would still ring familiar to fans of the original show.

The premise of Charmed remains largely the same: Three sisters discover that they’re witches, each one with their own specific magical ability, and together they are the Charmed Ones, charged with fighting magical threats. There are new twists to the original concept such as the the oldest sister (played by Madeline Mantock) is actually a long-lost half-sister who first meets her two younger siblings after the mysterious death of their mother. The new show now also features a diverse cast, is firmly set in the Trump era, discusses social issues such as the Times Up and #MeToo movements, and features LGBT+ characters.

The show’s three main leads Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffrey were joined by executive producers Jessica O’Toole and Jennie Snyder Urman and when Urman was asked why she felt like now was the time to bring the show back she said:

The original was so much about female empowerment and sisterhood, and strong women taking over the world and I feel like that’s what we need right now, just trying to get back to that and to show women kicking ass.

The show has been met with criticism, most notably from original Charmed star Holly Marie Combs but Mantock did want to make it clear that they are trying to honor the original. “We come in peace. The original was so wonderful and they were trailblazers and we could not be here without them. There is something in here for everyone.”


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