SDCC 2018: Chris Klein Joining The Flash As Season 5’s Big Bad!


Back in May, we at That Hashtag Show, EXCLUSIVELY revealed that the Season 5 The Flash villain would be Cicada. What we didn’t know was who would be taking on the role. 

During the San Diego Comic-con’s The Flash panel, show-runner,Todd Helbing, confirmed that the Flash’s enemy this season will be Cicada and as well as who would be taking on the role. Give a warm welcome to Chris Klein (American Pie)!

Continuing down the path of non-speedster/time-travelers as the Flash’s enemies, Cicada will bring a deadly twist to season 5 . In the comics, Cicada is a cult leader who’s followers exist for one purpose: to murder everyone the Flash has ever saved by using lightning shaped daggers to do it. From the Season 5 trailer and information given by show-runner, Todd Helbing, it seems the shows Cicada will be no different.

During the panel, Helbing also hinted at multiple deaths this season, possibly including a major character. Remember, some of those people whom Barry has saved are part of Team Flash.

What do you think? Who isn’t safe? Who will be Cicada’s first victim? Comment below and let us know!


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