5 Directors Who Could Replace James Gunn on ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3’


James Gunn’s dismissal from Marvel Studios has put halt in the big wheels of what has been, for the most part, a well-oiled machine. Gunn recently completed the script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and was also expected to shepherd the Cosmic expansion of the MCU that head honcho Kevin Feige has indicated plays a big role in the studios’ future plans. While there was never an officially official announcement that Vol. 3 would debut in May of 2020, Gunn has indicated that was the case we were told that pre-production had already begun on the film some time ago in Atlanta ahead of an early 2019 start date. Marvel Studios has some options here, but they were certainly counting on Vol. 3 to kick off the post-Infinity Stones MCU in a big way and rumors had them using it to introduce a new team of heroes to the MCU. With Gunn now out of the picture, it remains to be seen if the studio will push ahead with the existing script and a new director or put the project on hold. If they do decide to stick to the schedule, we’ve got some ideas of who they might be able to call on such short notice to help them right the ship.

Taika Waititi

The first choice of a lot of fans, Waititi would seem like the first choice for Feige and company as well. Thor: Ragnarok stands as one of Marvel Studios most entertaining films even if it’s not perfect and Waititi’s version certainly carried some of the same whacky, feel good tones that Gunn’s Guardians were known for. Waititi’s film also took some steps to introduce other parts of the Cosmos, something we know Feige holds dear. Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit was set to wrap this month so his schedule may accommodate the very big favor that Feige may end up asking of him.

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