The Highlights (And A Few Low Points) Of San Diego Comic Con 2018: Day 1


SDCC-2018 kicked it off with a bang today as Disney and Warner Bros seemed to be hell bent on out announcing one another. There are also quite a few underdogs with some big reveals of their own nipping at the big dogs heels. Of course, there were some attempts to make a splash that just Kerplunked, as well- so let’s take round up some news and judge the hell out of it!


The Force is Strong With Disney/Marvel/Netflix


Star Wars: #CloneWarsSaved

This is the defining moment of SDCC 2018 Day 1. Comic Con has always been about 1 real thing. A room full of fans losing their minds; screaming and crying as their dreams become a reality before them. When “#CloneWarsSaved” appeared on the screen, myself and everyone else in the room, lost our bloody minds. The Clone Wars are back with 12 additional episodes, granted it will be through Disney’s new streaming service which I’ll have to pay for and I won’t get to see them till next year… but my prayers have been answered. The Clone Wars are back!


Iron Fist looks crapwaaaaaah?!?!!?!? This looks goooooooood!!!!!

Halfway through my eye roll during the Iron fist SDCC ONLY footage (sorry guys, no evidence to back this up yet), I found myself staring intently at the fight and enjoying myself. Was I in the right room?! I rubbed my eyes, was this the Iron Fist Panel!? Holy Crapola it is! And this this fight sequence looks dope! Choreographed by Black Panther’s Clayton Barber… I might actually give season 2 a chance!


Marvel Rising: Initiation / Secret Warriors


Finally! Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, and Gwen Stacy (I’m not ready for “Ghost-Spider”… yet) together in, not one show, but 2 Disney XD shows! Marvel Rising: Initiation comes out August 13 on Disney XD and then a follow up in the fall with Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors!


Keep Clickin’ to See What DC did!


DC brings it:


F@$%ing Titans

Bad Ass Titans, Nuff Said. DC Streaming is looking better already!


Grant F@$%ing Morrison brings back Hal Jordan

Grant is back and he’s bringing Hal back to Earth for a new series with artist Liam Sharp. This series will focus on what justice means to an intergalactic “space cop.” The Green Lantern #1 (ya know, like THE Batman) hits stores in 2018.


Stargirl stars in her own streaming show

Geoff Johns is bringing Stargirl to Live Action Life (again) with a a 13-episode run on the DC streaming service. In this iteration, separate from her Legends of Tomorrow character, Courtney Whitmore is a high school student who joins (forms?) the Justice Society of America.


Comedy Comes in Three Jokers

Geoff Johns FINALLY answers a 2 year old set-up with DC’s new Black Label “Three Jokers” 3 issue mini-series.  When does it come out?!  Oh, no release date yet. Sad Emoji


But what about the rest?!

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