SDCC2018 : Young Justice Outsiders Trailer Dropped


We’re getting the band back together!

It’s been 1952 days since we’ve seen any new Young Justice footage and let me tell you that’s a long 5 years. We can all admit Cartoon Network dropped the ball big time! That’s why DC is keeping this one close to the chest and running their 3rd season on their streaming service DC UNIVERSE.

This 5 minutes trailer its nice that it reminds us where we left off and did focus a lot on the relationship between Artemis and Kid Flash (Wally West) and it still hits your right in the speedforce. After that we pick up in Artemis’ bed being woken up by her dog. She turns on the tv to find here was an abduction of the Markovian Princess who also seems to be a Metahuman. Cut to Nightwing who gets the team back together for a strictly off the book covert op to find the missing Metas. After that, a montage off characters new and old flash across the screen to show you the vastness of whats to come with season 3. Interplanetary characters like Orion and THE MAIN MAN LOBO! Others closer to home like Clay Face, Queen Bee and Shazam. Plus, we are getting a team based on the comic book version of the outsiders, including GeoForce, Katana and Metamorpho lead by Nightwing possibly.

Like Vandal Savage said in the trailer and at the end of season 2 “business as usual” to Darkseid so it looks like we are picking up maybe a year after season 2.We already know of a tons of new characters coming down the line including Spoiler, Arrowette and Impulse will be taking up the mantle of Kid Flash in a new designed costume. It’s all coming soon to the new DC UNIVERSE Streaming service!

What did you think of the trailer? Who are you excited to see return or what new character are you hyped up for? Leave your comments down below!


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