SDCC 2018: Universal Just Screened A Clip From Blumhouse’s HALLOWEEN


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Guys! I am still internally screaming from the Hall H panel I just attended for Universal’s Glass, and HalloweenThe mass exodus of major studio showings allowed for horror to completely take over Hall H from the ScareDiego event to The Walking Dead panels, to the aforementioned Universal properties. And don’t tell me that Venom isn’t a horror film. You can check out our post about the Glass Hall H panel here. This article will be dedicated to the highly anticipated reboot of the Halloween series. While the trailer was released a little bit ago, and the panel itself was only about 20 minutes, that didn’t stop it from being a contender to “Win Hall H at Comic Con”. For the first time ever, Jamie Lee Curtis graced us with her presence in Hall H at Comic Con, to thunderous applause. She gushed about her character, Laurie Strode stating that she’s one of her personal favorites to play, kicked off the panel by speaking about victimhood, and was completely funny and engaging. What now tops my favorite moment from a celeb at Comic Con was when during the Q&A section a fan spoke about how the character of Laurie Strode saved his life from a knife wielding predator some years ago. The fan thought “What would Laurie do?”, proceeded to arm himself with knitting needles and ran to a neighbor’s house banging on the door. He then became choked up when he said that Jamie’s appearance at Comic Con was the only reason he purchased a badge. Ms. Curtis then left the stage to go hug, and speak with the man for several minutes before the panel continued.

However, just before said fan gave everyone the feels, we were treated to an exclusive clip from the upcoming film as well as what appears to be the second trailer.

**minor minor spoilers, only if you want to know nothing about the film should you turn away**

We open and see a couple of kids running around on Halloween night and they run into a figure by accident. The camera pans up to reveal that it’s Michael, calling back to this moment;

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They scamper off, and Michael turns to walk up the driveway of a home where he promptly picks up a hammer. We then see an old lady put down the knife near a hunk of meat which is a callback to Halloween 2;

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The woman is dressed in a pink robe, with her white hair in curlers, but she doesn’t get off as easy as the original one did. With no warning Michael just walks into the kitchen and kills the woman off screen. We see a chair fall, and then Michael reappears only to trade the hammer in for his signature knife. We then continue to follow him as he walks by the woman whose head he bashed in and he walks out the front door.

It looks like our killer needs some wheels as he begins to approach a woman who is waiting for her date to grab something for his costume, however the date reappears as quickly as he had disappeared saying his stethoscope was in his pocket. Both are left unharmed and drive away. However, Michael quickly turns to the house on his right and goes up to the window to watch the lone female inhabitant. A creepy reflection stares back and we are left to watch from the window as Michael leaves to go around the back. The woman comes towards the window unbeknownst to her that Michael is walking at a steady pace behind her (I’m sorry how is he so silent?). As the woman pulls down her shade, Michael grabs her and jams the knife through her throat eliciting multiple reactions from the Hall H attendees. The scene ends and goes right into the trailer where we see some new scenes.

It’s very apparent that this film will do some callbacks, and looks to be a return to form for the Halloween franchise. If Chucky can do it, why can’t Michael?

Halloween will be released on October 19th, 2018 Nick Ritchie Authentic Jersey

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