SDCC 2018: It’s Not An 8-Part Documentary Series Anymore THE TOYS THAT MADE US SEASON 3 ANNOUNCED


Today there was a panel in room 5B for The Toys That Made Us. This new series that started this past year has given us an in-depth look into our childhood playchests and has opened our eyes to the ups and downs of some of our favorite franchises, like G.I. Joe, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, and Lego to name a few.

It has skyrocketed to over 230k likes on its Facebook alone! Any collector of nostalgia from thier youth has been waiting patiently to hear IF and WHAT the next seasons topic will be, and we have them

Power Rangers

The authors personal collection

Adapted from Super Sentai we will see how the toys have changed over the years and how the legacy line as upped our collecting game!


My Little Pony

We went from this


Staring off in 1981 as My Pretty Pony we will follow the history and failures of these quadruped cuties.



Why do I have the urge to snap into a Slim Jim?

This can be a broad subject but most notable were the toys by LJN and Hasbro.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga Dudes!

Almost every child born after 1980 had or knew someone with a massive collection and the kid who had the Technodrome was a living legend on the playground


I can honestly say I am overjoyed that this series its staying on Netflix. Hopefully the campy theme song will be updated to reflect the fact it’s not and eight part series, oh wait they will!!!!


What toy line would you like to see them do next? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Stay tuned here to ThatHashtagShow for all your SDCC2018 news and everything trending in geek pop culture!


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