SDCC 2018: Form Voltron Season 7 Trailer and Final Season 8 on the way


At the end of season 6 our Paladins had just defeated Prince Lotor and had to sacrifice the Castle of Lions to do it. Where does that leave us now? Seems our intrepid space explorers, presumed dead, have to make the long trek back to Earth where another copy of the blueprints resides with Pidge’s father. This new trailer is stunning to say the least I think that with a change in dynamic we are going to really get a full space saga thru the galaxies rather than a space opera about an ongoing war.

Quiznaking Spoilers from the trailer

First we see Shiro sporting a new WHITE hairdo!

Pidge put out a communique using her real name Katie!

Sendak seems to have pieced together an army with the leftover Galran fleets and is using some sort of new tech to fight our space lions.

At the end of the trailer we see Shiro (with his original hairdo) say that he will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to get his team back home.

MORE Quiznaking Spoilers from the SDCC

First we find out that the series is going back to FULL 13 episode seasons. Thank King Alfor cause those 6 episode “seasons” were a tease.

There will now be LGBTQ representation in the form of Shiro’s partner.

The attendees got a chance to watch the first episode of season 7

This is going to knock the Quintessence right out of you

Even though we are getting back out 13 episodes seasons. dont get too comfy, because season 8 will be the last legendary season. We know its a hard pill to swallow but look on the bright side that means the next 26 episodes have to be story driven. Check out Season 7 on Netflix August 10th!


What do you want to see in the next 2 seasons of Voltron? How would you finish the story? leave your comments down below.


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