‘IRONHEART’ Script Appears on the Black List


The Black List is an online script marketplace that allows writers the opportunity to have their scripts seen by studios, giving up an comers some exposure they might not otherwise get. Recently, Marvel Studios hired a pair of Black List writers in Matthew and Ryan Firpo to develop a script for their upcoming Eternals project. Now, it seems that a script for one of their legacy characters has made its way to the Black List and has been well-received.

According to a tweet from The Black List, screenwriter Jada Rodriguez developed a script for the Marvel property Ironheart.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Ironheart is a young genius named Riri Williams who uses an old Iron Man suit to reverse engineer her own. She was first introduced in 2016’s Invincible Iron Man #7 before taking over as the lead character of the title. She has also served alongside other young heroes as a member of the recently resurrected Champions. Williams is every bit the wunderkind that Tony Stark was, having gained entrance to M.I.T. at just 11 years old.

We’ve been unable to get any comment on the project from Marvel Studios, so we’re left with more questions than answers at this time. We were told by another screenwriter that in order for Rodriguez to write the script, one of two things had to have happened: she had to own the IP or be commissioned to write the script. We find it highly unlikley that Marvel Studios would sell the IP, especially given there’s already been a lot of discussion among fans about Riri taking over the Iron Man legacy on film and Kevin Feige’s comments that we’d see new iterations of familiar heroes (read legacy characters) as the MCU continues to develop. Given the studios continued push to include more people of color and more females to their list of heroes, Riri Williams would seem a no-brainer at this point.

We’ll continue to follow up on this story, in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled. Marvel Studios has, in fact, commissioned dozens of scripts as they develop the future of their cinematic universe so you never know when you might stumble across one!

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