We Break Down The Bloody New Titans Trailer


The DC Universe is banking a lot on the new Titans series, the flagship show for their new streaming service, and the first trailer is finally here!!

Watch it, and lets break this down!

CAREFUL, This thing is rated MA!!!!!!!!




Looks Like DC is doubling down on their whole “Gritty” deal. Let’s just hope they do it right this time. I liked it, but I’m interested to see the geenral fan reaction as this things rolls out.

While fun to watch, I was not expecting so much blood. People being hit with Bats (not that kind), bad guys being burnt, Dove scratching the hell out of someone’s face, and Robin on an apparent killing spree with blood around his mouth… in fact it’s less than 2min and I counted at least 7 shots with blood in them! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just surprising.

It looks like the story will follow Raven as she tracks down Dick Grayson for help with her Demon powers and together, they collect the Teen Titans. Dick seems like he’s currently working for or trying to help the local police or at the least, maybe volunteering to help runaways. He and Batman have obviously had a falling out. My keep detective skills picked that up by the key phrase, “Fuck Batman”.

While it could still be Gotham, it looks like this most likely takes place in Blüdhaven.

The trailer is framed around the Robin fight sequence, which seems to imply, with Robin stabbing one guy in the neck, shooting at the bad guys, and the cracking sound as he steps on that one guy’s neck, that he is ok with killing. Or maybe WAS ok with it, it’s unclear if his is currently that Robin or that was a sequence from his past.

Raven seems to enter Robin’s memories and witness his origin story among a few other modern Horror trope powers; Black Eyes, shaky sped up face movements, etc… After a tag that says, “Time For Inner Demons…To come out and play”, Raven mentions her mother to Dick, which implies her Dad, the demon, Trigon, will be making an appearance as well.

Dove seems to be excessively violent and Starfire looks very burn-y in almost every sense of that word.

I’m pretty open to what’s happening here, reserving my judgment for the show itself, but If I had to complain about something (and I don’t, but I will), it’s Beast-Boy. He’ just looks weird- and not in the good way.

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