Check Out This Pirates Of The Caribbean Themed Dinner Party!



The Rose Table is back at it with a swashbucklin’ dinner party that is so passionately crafted that it would be sure to impress Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

Katie Rose Watson is the brains behind The Rose Table, but for her most recent Disney Dinner she’s also the love and passion behind a dinner party inspired by her favorite movie of all time, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Watson described the affair as “a Caribbean menu served on a 1700s pirate ship” and designed a feast fit for the Black Pearl.

Watson took inspiration not only from the 2003 film but also from her time spent in the Caribbean, opting for subtle and sophisticated touches instead of kitsch. The hostess redecorated her dining room to look like a captain’s galley complete with black tablecloth, a fishing net runner, silver candlesticks, and dramatic red floral centerpieces.

Additional decor details included seashells that Watson collected from her previous trips to the Caribbean, a golden octopus meant as an homage to Captain Davy Jones, and Captain Barbossa’s favorite green apples.

The night began with Captain Jack’s favorite activity: drinking rum! The rum was not in fact gone, with several rums served during the rum tasting including a rum punch. The menu itself was simple but robust with a coconut shrimp appetizer, grilled lobster tail entrees served with grilled zucchini and roasted potatoes, and for dessert Captain Jack Sparrow Cupcakes drenched in a rum-caramel sauce.

All of The Rose Table’s Disney Dinners are executed with great attention to detail, but this one has felt like the most elegant by far. When I say “elegant” I don’t mean it as a synonym for sophisticated or chic (even though this dinner party definitely earns those adjectives), I mean that it was ingeniously simple and effective. The film’s era and attitude are so well-known by the hostess that nothing seems overthought or overwrought, it’s just a natural expression of her affection for the film.

The next Disney Dinner will be Moana-themed and we can’t wait to see how far it’ll go.


Photography courtesy of My Curly Adventures.

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