Star Wars: Resistance Release Approaches


While we have to wait another 18 months for the next Star Wars movie to hit theaters, the stream of new shows is set to begin very soon.  It looks as if Star Wars: Resistance will be the show to  start it all.  With Rebels wrapped up as of last year, the airwaves have been empty, but Disney XD will relaunch things starting with this show.

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It appears that the single picture that has been leaked suggests the show will be an anime style design.  At first look I was not sold on the design, but we see so little that it would be foolish to do anything but wait for the first trailer.  If the animation style is indeed anime, the show could come across as sleek and flashy.

It is rumored the show will take place after Return of the Jedi.  The First Order will be known, but not a threat as of yet.  The main character, Kazuda Xiono, will be a resistance pilot who will investigate the new threat.  It has already been confirmed that Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma will be in the show, voiced by the movie actors.  Leia is also rumored to appear in the show.  Who will voice her in unknown.

In the picture that was leaked, it shows the main characters as well as some First Order characters.  The First Order side showed Phasma with some stormtroopers, but there was one more very interesting character.  There is a red stormtrooper present.  Those that have read the Phasma book will identify this likely trooper as Cardinal, Phasma’s chief rival from her book.  This could mean that Phasma will be heavily featured in the cartoon.  With Christie ending her Game of Thrones obligations, she has the time to voice the role for a whole season or more if she chose.

Also rumored would be the use of Black Squadron, Poe’s squadron.  The most notable of these pilots is Snap Wexley, played by Greg Grunberg.  Greg’s absence was noted in The Last Jedi, given he seemed rather important in Force Awakens.

It feels like from what Filoni has said so far, this show could be focused heavily on the fighters and space combat, which is something we really haven’t had yet.  Anime is a great medium for this type of show.  Floating around Facebook is a fan made anime short from the Tie fighter pilot point of view.  If Resistance is anything like that anime short, it will be incredible.

When Dave Filoni first talked about the new show he said the following: “My grandfather was a pilot and my uncle flew and restores planes, so that’s been a big influence on me.  There is a history of high-speed racing in star wars, and I think we’ve captured that sense of excitement in an anime-inspired style, which is something the entire team has been wanting to do for a long time.”  We could indeed see a lot of fighter battles.

The first trailer, official start date, and any footage have yet to be released, but San Diego Comicon is almost upon us.  Dave Filoni is doing a panel based on The Clone Wars Anniversary, but Dave loves to show off what he knows.  It is a good bet we will get details and a possible trailer at SDCC.

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