Sami Living The Heel Life In WWE #19


Sami Zayn has done the unthinkable and turned his back on the WWE Universe in WWE #19.

At the end of the previous issue Zayn and his ex-BFF, Kevin Owens, were having a lot of problems and did not get along.  However, Owens told Zayn to stop being the nice guy and take what he wants no matter the consequences. As Owens was walking down the entrance ramp to his Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon Zayn thought about this advice.

During Owens’ match McMahon was going to jump on Owens who was resting on a table, but Zayn came from the crowd.  Zayn pulled Owens off the table and saved him. At that moment Zayn went to the dark side and turned heel.

Zayn now has this new confidence and a new zest for life.  However, the rest of the WWE superstars are not so keen on this new Zayn.  When Zayn arrives at the gym to train with them he struts in and puts on his music.  Randy Orton says he can tolerate his music when Zayn was a goofball, but he has zero patience for his music now.

The superstars kick Zayn out of the gym, but Owens is there is pick him up literally and figuratively.  The pair go to a horror movie marathon instead of working out. Owens shows him what being a heel is all about and how much fun it is.

When Zayn and Owens arrive at the arena a young fan asks for Zayn’s autograph and is a big fan.  However, his father walks up and says his son had not seen the match yet and Zayn should be ashamed of his actions.  This really breaks Zayn’s heart.

At this point Zayn has a choice.  He can continue the heel path with his once again BFF and alienate his young fans for possible success or he can turn back into the loveable goofball.

I am really enjoying this comic.  All these storylines are old news, but I love seeing how Zayn reacts to this stuff.  It is really cool to see the inner turmoil he is going through. I like the extra depth it gives the characters.

Even though I know what happens I still wonder how or when Zayn will make that final change for good or evil.  It would be really cool if this comics and story lines happened at the same time. All the extra story and depth is amazing and would really add to the show and the comic.

Zayn is a really interesting character and it is really nice to see him explored.  He is kinda of an every man and Owens is really tempting him to be a success by doing the wrong thing.  This comic is just so good.

A wrestling fan like myself can really get a lot out of a comic like this.  I love wrestling and this gives me extra depth and a new way to consume wrestling.

However, for non-fans I don’t really know if I can recommend this.  I think a key to the story is knowing what will happen next, but not being able to stop it no matter how much I may wish it not to happen.






Written by: Dennis Hopeless and Julian May

Art by: Serg Acuna, Rodrigo Lorenzo and Doug Garbark

Cover by: Dan Mora

Release: 7/18/18

Issue: 19

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

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