REVIEW: In Batman #51, A Post-Wedding Batman Has Anger Issues (Duh!)


What am I talking about this time: Batman #51 “Cold Days- Part 1”

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Lee Weeks

Cover by: Lee Weeks

Variant cover by: Olivier Coipel

Overall Review: 3.5 Urinals out of 5

Is it worth a $3.99? Yep, tom King hasn’t let us down yet!!!

Spoiler Free Review:

Although it’s good comic, there isn’t much to this issue- it’s a pretty simple story and the twist isn’t much of a shock, allowing the focus to fall onto the characters and set-up. As per King’s style, the fallout from the wedding is palpable.Emotions are running high and so a simple story allows those tensions to take the lead. I do hope the story picks up, though, but it’s Tom King for Christ’s sake, so we can be sure it’s going somewhere good. The art is very stoic, reserving large expressions for big splash pages of changed emotion.

Spoilery Review:

Bruce Wayne has been called to jury duty for a case against Mr.Freeze, who was caught killing 3 women and claims to have confessed only after being excessively beaten by Batman.

While sequestered for the trial, Dick plays at Batman, calling in to check on Bruce. As an audience, we are unsure if it’s true claim, but it feels as if it is real and Bruce’s emotional outburst in a bathroom where he tears out a urinal backs the case. Dick and Gordon are both worried about Bruce, but can’t connect or don’t know how to help him. Batman was the one that cracked the case base on an illegal autopsy he did, finding the victors bodies had a sudden drop in temperature just before death, leading him to Mr.Freeze. In the end, the jury is ready to convict Mr.Freeze, based on their common positive relations with Batman. But one Juror is a holdout – Bruce Wayne.

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