Powermorphicon: New Guests Added! Make My Morphicon GROW!


Yesterday the news dropped that even more guest will be attending Powermorphicon 2018

First Time Guest: Angie Diaz Mystic Force Pink

That’s right the Pink Caped Dj herself, Vida, will be attending for her first Powermorphicon. Maybe we can see if she will spin the wheels during the Angel Grove High School Prom?!

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Steven Lundsford

Finally the Kamen Rider that broke the mold and had a good series on American TV. Because we don’t talk about that Dex guy.

The Original Gold Zeo Ranger & VR Trooper Team Leader: Brad Hawkins

Brad was the original voice for Trey of Triforia when they used stock footage before introducing Ted, Tim, and Tom DiFilippo, then transferring the power to Jason. He was also the lead trooper on VR Troopers and the only trooper to have 2 different suits.

And for a Bit of Culture

Sunny Seki is a Japanese American professional author and international award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in Tokyo, Japan, before moving to the United States at age 24. He received his bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Nihon University and also attended Kuwasawa Academy of Design, as well as the Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design. He holds a Black Belt in the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido.[1]

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http://www.thathashtagshow.com/2018/07/a-throne-had-been-revealed-as-another-exclusive-for-this-years-power-morphicon/ Jed Lowrie Womens Jersey

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