Lucasfilm Sends Grieving Family STAR WARS Care Packages


Right now In the Star Wars universe there are many stories floating around. I think sometimes we need to remember Qui Gonn’s words “your focus determines your reality.” While it is very easy to get lost in all the hate and venom being loosed within the star Wars fandom right now, we need to remember there are brighter sides to be seen too. This story is just such an example.
Raymond Camden was a long time Star Wars fan. He was married to a wife of 20 years and together they had seven kids. Then something happened about two months ago. His wife of 20 years passed away. Hammer blows from life do not get much bigger. Not only did Raymond lose a life long partner, but now he had seven kids to watch out for on his own. There are dark times and then there are dark times. His wife was also from a huge family, so Raymond stated he has support, but that is still a giant hole in one’s life.

Enter a friend of Raymond’s who did something that might seem little, but it made a huge impact. Raymond says the following, “A few weeks ago a friend of mine reached out to the publicity department at Lucasfilm and let them know what had happened and how I was a huge Star Wars fan.

“Yesterday I go two boxes full of gifts from them. They had called my friend to find out about the situation and my kids. They got their ages and every single one of them (all 7) got an incredible gift bag of merch. All the right size – all age appropriate. They even sent me some stuff as well.”
Raymond talked about the difference the gifts made. “I have to be honest – I’m shocked my friend got a response to an out of the blue email like that. And I’m just…blown away by what they did…You made this big Star Wars nerd happy and you made my kids pretty damn happy too. Thank you.”

Not all companies do things like this. Even though Lucasfilm has a track record for helping fans out, the level of coordination and effort this took was something. Getting the story and passing it through the right channels to have it carried out is impressive for such a big company. It is one thing to donate to charities and larger organizations where all you do is move money from one bank account to another. This was a level of detail that is always moving to hear about. It is truly amazing how much little things can do for those in pain and grief.

While we can still have at the movies for “ruining lives,” let’s also make sure we are telling the uplifting stories such as this to remember what a fan base we can be. Lucasfilm and fans both wield such a power that we can make a true difference if we focus on the right things. Rhett Ellison Jersey

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