Top 10 Star Wars Characters That Should, Or Could, Be In Episode IX



Which Characters Would You Like To See Appear In Star Wars: Episode IX (Here Is A Top 10 List Of Cool Possibilities!)

Many characters names are being tossed around between the trilogy movies and stand-alone films, from ones we want to see appear on screen for the first time, to fan favorites we’d like to see return. With that said, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 characters that could, should, or would like to see, appear in” Star Wars: Episode IX”, (and possibly beyond). So here we go….

1. Luke Skywalker: Probably the character fans want to see the most show up in Episode IX. Whether you did or did not like “The Last Jedi”, everyone was shocked to see Luke “die” in the last movie. If it’s as a force ghost, or J.J. Abrams makes it like certain events did not happen in TLJ, Skywalker is hands down the character I think we all want the most to see show up in the next movie.

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