New She-Ra images Released!


The first pics have been released for the upcoming She-Ra cartoon coming to Netflix this fall.  This reboot is a of the popular 80s cartoon that was a direct spin off of the boys cartoon, He-Man.

Very little is known about this reboot except it has now been announced that it will launch November 16th on Netflix.  She-Ra was the stolen from her royal family by the evil Hordak and brain washed into an evil Horde Captain.  He-man rescues her and by giving her the Sword of Protection, unlocks She-Ra.  She-Ra remains to fight and overthrow Hordak and his goons.  How much of this will remain true has yet to be determined.

Here we get our first look and what She-Ra herself will look like.  Much younger than the 80s version, this She-Ra is an anime style that I do not know that I’m fond of.  I think they should have ether stayed true to the original look, or done a better job of reinventing it.  It looks like a cheap Comicon copy of the original where they could not decide exactly what look they were going for.  Either make it a dress or give her pants.  Wonder Woman has had several different looks that have been developed better than this.


The castle doesn’t look too bad, and the overall design looks pretty sweet and imaginative.  Princess Adora along with Glimmer and Bow give me mixed feelings.  I do like the look of Princess Adora.  She looks a fair bit younger than the 80s version, but I do not think that is a big deal.  Not sure I like Bow’s look, but then again I hated the 80s version completely, so I guess it can only get better.  Glimmer was an airhead in the 80s.  This version looks better in my opinion.

Finally we have Catra and Princess Adora.  Catra looked better in the 80s version, but there is no way that version would work in this universe.  The new design isn’t too bad, depending on how it looks in motion.

These new pics are neither excellent, nor horrid (aka-the Thundercats butcher job that’s coming).  I think the new show will depend on two things.  The first will be the animation style and how well the characters and environments move.  Very curious to see if Spirit/Swiftwind will be introduced.  Horses get tricky to animate well.

The final thing will be the one thing I have yet to be impressed by with almost any cartoon in today’s world.  What kind of story telling is it trying to do?  Is this going to be a stupid, girly, brainless cartoon with lots of toilet humor and stupid facial expressions, or will they do what the 80s did and tell great stories?  He-Man and She-Ra largely hold up in today’s world.  Voltron has been one of the rare exceptions where the creators have fun but tell serious stories with a purpose.  The original Teen Titans and Ben10 were great cartoons that were butchered, chopped up, and spit back out as cheap animation with no story and stupid, toilet humor.  Thundercats 2011 and Young Justice were excellent cartoons that did everything superbly, but were both prematurely cancelled.  Guess we see in four months. Marshawn Lynch Authentic Jersey

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