Could Han and Lando share the screen in Episode 9?


Fans are excited at the news Lando is returning to the big screen in episode 9, but many lament that he will not be able to share the screen with his pals from Empire as Han and Leia will both be dead.  Kevin Smith started a joke to get them back together, but it seems that joke is gathering fan steam.

Kevin Smith tweeted “If, due to a time travel device or the force, there’s a plot development that allows Lando to repeat his Empire Strikes Back line ‘There’s still a chance to save Han!’ and get us back to that fateful bridge on Starkiller base? Then I’ll kiss JJ on the mouth.  I’ll French him even.

First off let us be clear.  This is NOT going to happen.  It would take JJ way too much time and be far too distracting for this to take place in episode 9.  JJ is already looking at a long enough movie as it is trying to wrap this all up.  However, having said that there are actually two possibilities that a “fantasy fun write up” could do.

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Time travel never has, and hopefully never will be a part of the Star Wars Universe.  It cheapens things too much and makes death meaningless.  The first of these possibilities is Starkiller Base itself.  Donna Dickens theorized that the First Order didn’t actually know what they were playing with when they messed around with Starkiller base.  Instead of using the Sun as it appeared, the base was actually using dark matter. Not only was the dark matter not being shot across the galaxy in real time, it was being sent THROUGH the galaxy.  In other words, it was ripping space/time to work.  Hence the plot hole of altering time to get Han out of Starkiller base.  Does anyone really think Harrison Ford would be up for this?

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There is actually a second possibility.  In the series finale of Rebels, Ezra discovers a ‘force dimension’ where he can walk between different points in time, and if he so chose, alter them.  The portal he found was destroyed, but Sidious found his own way into that dimension as well.  Kylo could be hunting for this secret to alter time to his favor.  Rey finds it first and comes across the portal that shows Han being killed on the walkway.  She could interfere and pull him into the current time line.  In  the process she would break about a thousand different ‘good guy’ rules.  The again she could talk to Han, Han could reenter the time line on Starkiller base and….shoot first.

Of course this is all academic and wont happen, but it gives some fun possibilities. Christian Covington Jersey

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