Weekend Box Office (7/13-15): Hotel Transylvania Cruises to First Place


In this weekend box office, Hotel Transylvania 3 followed its predecessors to a first place opening weekend.  HT3 brought in a hefty $44 million.  It is slightly below what the studio was expecting, but it had a pesky competitor who won’t go away.   We will come back to that in a minute.

In second place was Antman and the Wasp.  It managed almost $29 million, which may sound good, but that is a sizable 62% drop from week 1.  Only one other Marvel film had such a large second week drop, and only the 5th Marvel film to NOT finish #1 in its second week.

Finishing a disappointing 3rd place with only $25.5 million is the Rock’s Skyscraper.  As heavily marketed as this film was, it fell short of the Studio’s hopes.  While better than Baywatch, it is on the lower end of the Rock’s movies.

Hanging strong in fourth place is a movie that stole some of Hotel Transylvania’s box office in Incredibles 2.  Incredibles 2 in its 5th week still managed to bring in $16 million.  So far the Parr family had brought in a domestic gross of $536 million.  The 14 year wait seems to have been worth it.

Finally in fifth place, Jurassic World 2 made $15.5 million in its fourth week.  This is an easy $6 million above 5th place.  JW2 now sits at a whopping $1.132 billion worldwide box office.  This triples the second place movie for Universal, so the studio should be happy.

Next week should be a tight box office as the two major films coming out are Momma Mia 2 and the Equalizer 2.  These wont be huge draws, but they have tight fan bases. Alexander Kerfoot Womens Jersey

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