Tom King Continues His Domination Of DC Comics With Heroes In Crisis


When I first heard about “Heroes in Crisis”, I cringed at the thought of yet another DC Crisis of any sort… but then saw the four sweet words that followed it, I was immediately all in, “Written by Tom King.”

Tom King has had an amazing year; he’s killing it with his Batman run, his Mister Miracle series is breathtaking, and his Batman/Elmer Fudd Special was pure genius. With each issue he produces, King seems to be taking on bigger and bigger roles as well as consuming larger swaths of the DC universe. And so, his new project seems like the next logical step for the ex-CIA Counter-terrorism Officer. Heroes In Crisis is about a trauma center called “Sanctuary”, established by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman that uses Kryptonian technology, Amazonian mysticism, and Bruce Wayne’s money to help superheroes. Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey will be along for the ride to illustrate this 7 part miniseries set to be released on September 26.

The official description for Heroes in Crisis reads, “Heroes in Crisis is not a tale of universes colliding and dying. Instead this is a story centering on the humans and superhumans under the mask; this is about what allows them to get up and fight when it appears they can’t ever get up and fight again. When it’s too much, and it’s often too much, heroes go to Sanctuary — created by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman — to find a moment of safety before returning to a universe of violence. Heroes in Crisis is also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DCU.” We also know there is a is a murder mystery element to the story and Booster Gold and Harley Quinn will also play pivotal roles along side the trinity.

King explores the effects of violence in much of his work, stating fin a press release for the comic series, “I feel like I’m part of a rolling generation of people who spent their 20s overseas fighting terrorism. Millions of people cycle through that machine and come home to America. And I think that sort of experience of violence is shaping who we are as a culture, and as a country. And I want to talk about that. I want to talk about that experience, the experience of what violence can do to a person, to a community, to a nation, to a world.”

Hopefully we’ll get a taste at DC’s Tom King San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 21 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 6DE.

“If I could do anything to the DCU, it would be to bring a sense of community of superheroes and people. I feel a duty to talk about what violence does to a society through the comics I’m creating.” Claims King, and he’s done right by fans so far… this should be no different.

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