Neill Blomkamp’s Plan To Make A Sequel To The Original Robocop Is So Crazy, It Just Might Work


Neill Blomkamp has been tapped to direct the next Robocop installment has been a trending headline across the internets lately, but reading beyond the headline is a much better story… this crazy bastard doesn’t want to make a brand new reboot as was rumored. Nor is he interested in a sequel to 2014 Joel Kinnaman Robocop. He isn’t making the next installment for the Robocop 3 either! No… he’s doing something no studio has tried before. He’s making a sequel to the ORIGINAL 1987 Robocop. So, in essence, he’s rebooting Robocop 2, cutting off all the sequels and reboots after that leaving his film and the original to stand alone as OCP cannon. Let’s face it, everything after Robocop one was mediocre at best anyway. I didn’t think the New Robocop was bad, but it wasn’t good either. And the sequels… well, those are garbage. So, this idea is either bat-shit crazy or pure genius… either way… it just might work.

The original Robocop’s writers, Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, will be producing and exec producing, respectively a movie based a script they wrote almost 30 years ago!!! They brought in Justin Rhodes to dust off, update, and rewrite the script. Rhodes biggest challenge must have been transferring the script from a 3.5-inch microfloppy to anything made after 1996. Justin Rhodes current roster of films have yet to prove themselves in theatres; Green Lantern Corps (screenplay by), Masters of the Universe (writer), and the 2019 Untitled Terminator Reboot (screenplay by). Blomkamp on the other hand wowed audiences with District 9 in 2009, but lost a little steam since then with Elysium and Chappie. I personally love his sense of style and his willingness to take risks, even if they havn’t always paid off.

Reboots are common now a-days, even rebooting reboots isn’t very surprising, but making a reboot that is actually a sequel to a movie three decades old is a fresh idea, if not an insane one. The closest I can think of to this is the Star Trek reboot, but that used timey-wimeny-ness to resolve it. The Brian Singer Superman Returns was supposed to be a “spiritual” sequel to Superman 1 &2, as it used old Brando footage. But no one has done anything like this.

Now, if we can Peter Weller back in his suit!

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