M Night Shyamalan’s GLASS: New Images Here!


We might be several months away from the highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s Split, but for about 10,000 lucky fans next week, they may be getting an exclusive look at Glass during their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con. The 2019 release will bring together our beloved duo from the 2000 film, Unbreakable, and McAvoy’s Kevin. Spoiler Alert: Shyamalan’s trademarked twist ending revealed that both Unbreakable, and Split were a shared Universe, and Glass would complete the trilogy, 18 years in the making. McAvoy was criminally left out of last year’s awards season, but it looks like he may get another chance for Oscars 2020 as he states that we’re going to explore other characters within his 24 personalities.

If you’re not going to San Diego Comic Con or you’re one of the unlucky ones to be shut out of Hall H next week, don’t fret. Entertainment Weekly just published exclusive first look photos, which only serves to feed the hype. Look at that color scheme! And wow! Do Bruce and Samuel ever age?

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