Boom Studios Coda #3 Review (Spoilers Free)


We’re one step closer to figuring out the mystery of the world Coda lives in issue 3 from Boom Studios. We dive deeper into this post apocalyptic world that Si Spurrier’s (Marvel Comics Uncanny X-men) and Matias Bergara’s (DC Comics Supergirl) have created. If your  fan of Mad Max in a comic form, this is the right series for you.


Here’s a brief summary by Boom Studios:

    In CODA #3, featuring a main cover by Bergara, along with variant covers by Eisner Award nominated cover artist Julian Totino Tedesco (Hawkeye) and artist Toni Infante (Sons of The Devil), Hum returns to Ridgetown, only to find the city under siege by Thundervale, a bandit city that rests on the back of the last living giant. Hum manages to get back inside, but when an outerwall is breached by the enemy, all seems lost.


Si Spurrier is no strange to making comics have a beginning, middle and end. Which, realistic, every comic should have. Whether that be a story arc or within a mini series, a story should feel complete. That’s exactly what Spurrier is executing in Coda #3. We’re seeing the beginning conflict for this 12 part mini series. Which is the longest series Si Spurrier has worked on with Boom Studios. With that being said,  it feels like Boom Studios has faith in what Spurrier’s story is. Seems like Si Spurrier is setting up our main character, Hum, to attempt to get back his wife at any means necessary. Sounds pretty simple but I promise you, this story is epic! With Giants attacking people, orcs tribe cutting deals, and demon’s blood turn normal creatures into demonic entities, this comic has it all!


Matias Bergara truly bring this comic to life. Sometimes it’s hard to read a comic when the artist just doesn’t fit the story that being told. Know one wants to read a Batman comic that’s looks Light Bright or a Captain America comic without vivid colors. Bergara has a great way of bring a pale tone to the world yet making it colorful at the same time. And, the most important thing of all, Matias Bergara is CONSISTENT!


This is a comic you need on yourself! Hell, you need every Simon Spurrier story on you self for that matter.  There is something original and amazing about what Spurrier works on, especially when it comes to a Boom Studios project. It feels like ever story told just so happens to have the PERFECT team behind everything Boom Studios does. If you aren’t collecting this comic, find issue 1 and 2 in the back bins and continue to collect this comic!!!!

Boom Studios Coda #3 is in stores now!

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