VR Sales Declining, Here’s How It Can Be Improved


The researchers at Thinknum have found that VR sales are declining across the board.  Even with Skyrim coming out, it was only a temporary boost.

Even HTC needed to layoff workers due to the decrease in demand.

What the hell happened and how do we fix it?

The problem with the trend of VR is that it still resides in the medium between novelty and mainstream, Sony, for all the push its made (mentioned last year in this article here) still has yet to made a real dent into VR being a mainstay consumer item.  And sure, there are a bunch of companies, creators, and enthusiasts working around the clock to make games and other features for the VR platform…

but so what?

Here’s the VR problem that lies within…


and I mean this in several different varieties.  High level VR is still in the err side of really expensive to where the top notch mediaphile can still only really afford it.  You want people mass adapting it, you need to have a price point that 13-25 year olds can afford it by saving up a minor amount to do so.  HTC and Occulus ideal price point should be around the 200 range give or take.  This is an Ancillary product, why are we treating it like a console or a PC stand alone item?

plus the 2000 dollar need for Pc

It may be an easier sell if VR came with its own power sourcing instead of relying on a high end computer.  Not entirely sure this is in development yet or at all, but it would at least justify the HTC price point as it is.

Devs need to stop treating VR like an experiment and start making good content

I get it developers, I really do.  You don’t wanna cross to hard into a space that for the most part is still untested…But we need real games in order to want a desire to use VR.  Sure, Skyrim is a good start, but original IP that was build from the ground up for VR is a bit more what gamers are looking for.  Personally, No man’s Sky would be brilliant, as well as an MMORPG possibly…build the games that make sense in VR and the people will come.

VR isn’t in too much trouble, but…

Gaming consumers are some of the most patient people on the planet…  Until they aren’t.  We generally understand that there’s a lot still going on in development, and we know it wont go away with all this money invested into it… it will officially be in industry forever at this point…but as a consumer product, we won’t wait forever.  If you can’t get yourself past the novelty phase, neither can we.  And like Virtual boy’s and Virtuality’s of old, we will eventually lose interest, and you will have to wait another decade to get us involved again.

Do you really wanna be lumped into novelty tech with this guy??


What do you think?  Is there anything else VR creators and developers can do to make VR more consumer friendly?  Comment down below!


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