SPOILER: Flash #50 Brings Back The Greatest Speedster Of All Time!


On the whole, I’ve enjoyed the Flash comics, lately. The recent arc called, “Flash War”, has the villainous Zoom pit Barry and Wally against each-other. This is, of course, the “old” Wally West that is only remembered by a handful of people and issue 50 is the finale of this event. The story thus far has been energetic and fun, if not a tad silly and confusing; Zoom makes Old Wally remember his kids, which causes him to fight Barry because it’s called Flash War. This battle tears a hole in the speed force, allowing the other “forces” to bleed through. These other forces include the “Strength Force”- the bases of all strength, the “Still Force”- The bases of all things that don’t move (not joking). There’s a Star Wars Joke in there, but I realized the explanation was silly enough without it.

Anyway, long story short, Zoom takes control of the all the forces and there is a bunch of lighting and speed lines that represent fast movements, racing, Speed force and Hypertime hopping, and people saying “Run (Insert name of various speedster here)”. Zoom is eventually defeated and the Flashes shake hands, pretty standard Flash stuff.

But none of that matters cause in the final pages, out of no-where, the greatest speedster to ever run with a thought bubble shows back up.

This guy!

Bart Allen IS BACK!!!!!! In full Impulse gear and , seemingly, aged down to a kid again…

I looove me some impulse!!!! Pre-52 he was my fav speedster, I followed him when he first showed up running with Wally West as, Pre-52, he was my fav speedster. I followed him when he first showed up running with Wally West in 1990. His origin was as kinetic and crazy as his character; a descendent of Barry Allen, born in the future with a hyper-accelerated metabolism, he was raised in a VR world, released and brought to the present by Iris Allen when he was 12, he thought in pictures a lot and was a lot of fun to read. Max Mercury took charge of Bart Allen/Impulse and his adventures continued in Young Justice and Teen titans when he became Kid Flash and eventually took the mantle of the Flash. Then he was killed in a ridiculous, and pretty pointless, arc- beaten to death by the Rogues. It was duuuuuuumb. He eventually, came back, but it was pretty lame.

He showed up during rebirth, but that ended up being a red hearing named “Bar Torr.” Anyway, there have been some hints of this new Bart around the DCU lately from Geoff Johns’ Super-Sons of Tomorrow, and was foreshadowed in Flash Annual#1, but this is his actual return!!!!

Impulse is back and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of the flash!!

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