REVIEW: Farmhand #1 Is Off To A Gleefully Creepy Start



What am I talking about this time: Farmhand #1, Image comics

Written by: Rob Guillory

Artist / Cover: Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells

Overall Review: 4 out of 5 severed hands


Is it worth a $3.99? If you like horror comics with an original and interesting story that has a ton of potential, than yes. If you prefer to not be grossed out, than no. (but still, yes)

Spoiler Free Review:

I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the entirety of this comic. Good horror movies, books, and media can do that; They’re scary, gross, and wholeheartedly enjoyable and this is the start of a good horror comic. I could end the review right there, as that is an extremely rare occurrence and a damn good reason for someone to pick this comic up on its own. But let’s get into that, shall we? (yes).

Framhand is one of those book that had you trying figure out what’s going on with every turn of the page. This book checks off all the hallmarks of good horror writing; the story needs to be great, the set-up is interesting, the idea is original, something truly unsettling bubbles beneath the surface, a steady pacing, and relatable/realistic characters. If they can keep this up for the rest of their run, we’ll have something very special in our hands. That said, this issue sets a pretty high bar to maintain, let alone leap over. The art plays with extremes in a cartoony-Teen Titans Go kinda way, but when things get macabre, it blends seamlessly into the horror genre. My only complaint is sometimes the faces don’t seem to covey the right emotion or are drawn in a way that distracts from the moment. These panels are rare, but when they hit it took me right out of the comic.

I’m nitpicking here for balance, but with that in mind, let’s continue to pick away. In addition, this comic has soooo much dialogue and exposition to read, which does feel necessary, but at the same time, still can be a slog. However, none of these drawbacks truly take away from the unique story and compelling art. Both serve the grotesque, wonderful, almost carefree ways the book allows you to learn and react alonhg with the characters.


A Tad Bit Spoilery Stuff/Warning:

The comic stars with a dream sequence, something I’m no a big fan of and while it reads fine and does a creative bit of foreshadowing, i feel the comic could do without it. With such a dense amount of exposition, it would have felt a bit tighter without it, but I do recognize the need/want to have a little bit of that sweet action taste up front, it gives you something to chew on during the set-up, but the set-up to the farm is so really interesting. It’s a joy to wrap our brain around it and explore the pages. The world building is great and well balanced. Everything works toward building a bigger, even scarier picture. I just simply hope they can keep it up, I’m very much looking forward to more.

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