Realm Royale Review: A fresh take at the BR Genre


I love PUBG and Fortnight, the two battle royale monsters that demand for my attention.  With very little fanfare and notice, a challenger has come to the forefront.  A game called Realm Royale, created by High Rez studios, and based off the F2P game Paladins.

Realm Royale is currently in Alpha, and was release in June of this year (so if you wanna be the cool hipster gamer in the know, its F2P at the moment on steam.)

Realm Royale has the same basic mechanics as the others do, but that’s about where it ends.  In this game, everything is refreshingly different.

For starters, you have classes and abilities on the battle field.  Some are a straight rip from other games like Overwatch or Team Fortress, but still pretty awesome to use in a BR setting.

Weapons are vastly different as well. Swords and classic armor aren’t uncommon, potions instead of a health kit, and some guns and crossbows if your class doesn’t exactly show well in close combat.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good: The classes are simple and pretty dope

You get a choice of  warrior, mage, assassin, hunter, and engineer.  Each has their own abilities, but everyone can use any weapon on the field.  I have a few favorite abilities, and you will too.  The meta depends on you mastering all the abilities though.

The map is amazing

Why didn’t anyone think of doing this before?  The map is one of the best I’ve seen in the BR genre as there’s a different biome in pretty much every sub area on the map from snow to desert.  You really get the fantasy vibe from the locations, and each area by strategy is different from the next to keep things interesting.

Who needs a car when you have a horse?!

No need to look for a car to get around, you get a ethereal horse the poofs into existence on cue, leaving you more time to loot and slay at your leisure.  My horses name is Kevin…

unlimited bullets

One less thing to deal with, but with so many other new features to the genre, you wont miss looking for them.

You must kill people to get legendary items

This is a huge win for battle royale.  There are points on the map that allow you to blacksmith for various weapons, skill, armor, but for the best stuff, you require trophies that you can only get from looting the bad guys.  While you are using the blacksmith tools, you have to hold the point!  I found this as one of my favorite features of the game, as while you are using the anvil, billowing smoke pours out like a beacon that says “HEY I’M MAKING STUFF OVER HERE, COME MURDER ME! ” nine times out of ten, making stuff has been stressful as I hold the point.  It’s even more awesome playing in squad as you guys hold the point to make your stuff.  So while you are sitting there hiding like a little…strategic player that you might be, the best rewards can only come from killing people.

The bad

Dem Graphics Doe…

The graphics are, to best describe them…World of Warcraft, circa 2005.  Not exactly a deal breaker, but if the simple, colorful nature of Fortnight turns you off, this game might too as it’s made in the same vein.

only slightly icky UI process

The UI is a little garbage at the moment by making your choices when your inventory is full because it becomes a two-step process to replace something.  If you’re in the middle of a firefight and find something you like, you may find yourself stuck trying to two step a weapon.

No using weapons on horseback

That’s a bit of a bummer as I love the idea of having fights on horseback.  the moment you attempt to fire anything your horse goes away.  With any luck maybe the’ll change it in a hot patch or beta.

the ugly

a fun game that makes you wait

The que to play can take up to two to three minutes.  Not sure if its because everyone is playing or no one is playing.  I’d consider letting this problem slide

for now.

Damage seems unbalanced at times

You’ve been warned.  You will at times feel robbed as the game balances and hot fixes.

can hiccup sometimes visually

To be expected at times from an alpha, but it is surprisingly smooth 90 percent of the time.  Not too much to worry about unless you are laying bullets down.

Final Score: 7.5/10

While there are somethings that bug me, the game is fun as hell and only in alpha.  This is the game the genre has been missing, and I look forward to its growth, and at the great price of free, you might as well give it a shot!  The game has serious potential, and I imagine that the scorecard will do nothing but grow.

Are you excited about playing?  Wanna squad up together to frogstomp some noobs?  Comment and check out other articles below! Calle Jarnkrok Jersey

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