Green Thumbs And Other Green Organs In Farmhand #1


Brother and sister, Zeke and Andrea, are taking care of the farm while their father is out of town.  However, they are about to step into a whole lot of weird in Farmhand #1.

A bunch of chickens are dead in the chicken coop.  Zeke has a shotgun to shoot the bobcat or whatever killed them.  However, what he finds is an eye staring at him from underneath the ground.

As Zeke is uncovering the body he sees it is his father Jedidiah’s face.  His dad starts to talk to him and tells him to stop. No correction he shouts at him to stop, but Zeke keeps digging.  As Zeke pulls up his father their hands touch and something transfers between them.

According to Jedidiah this is a very bad thing and he was trying to hide so this would not happen.  Andrea and Zeke get sucked up into a tree. Jedidiah says that this something which has been going on for a while.  Maybe it is a family curse passed down from generation to generation.

Some time has passed and now Zeke has a wife and two kids.  Today they are going to visit Jedidiah and on his farm. However, the family farm has become something beyond belief.  You may have heard of growing ears on the backs of mice, but what if we could grow organs from trees.

I was not really expecting a whole lot from this comic.  The art style is really silly and cartoony. I was expecting a very jokey and silly comic.  However, this comic gets very serious and complicated.

Jedidiah is rich off this organ harvesting technology which only he can do.  However, if someone could steal that formula they could be rich too. This story gets pretty deep and complicated.  I love where this story could go.

It is really hard to decide if this is a horror, sci-fi or corporate espionage story.  So far it is basically all three and that is awesome.

The issue also gets pretty gory and graphic with people literally pruning fingers off trees.  This is done in an art style which kids would really be drawn to but this is absolutely not for kids.

There is a whole lot of unanswered questions in the story too.  Why did the dad bury himself and what was transferred? The gap between the opening scene and now is ripe for many storylines.

A complaint I had about the comic and it is completely subjective is the art.  I am not a fan of Rob Guillory’s art style. His figures are out of proportion and for whatever reason they give me anxiety.  This a personal problem, but be forewarned Guillory has a style not everyone will like.

I really loved this issue and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next and where the story goes.






Written by:  Rob Guillory

Art by:  Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells

Cover by: Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells

Release: 7/11/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics

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