From The Bridge – Interview with Spencer F. Lee


This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the creative mind behind “From The Bridge” Spencer F. Lee about his new film. After four years of hard work this documentary about fan culture, comic books, and the whole fan experience Lee is ready to unveil his project to the world. Spencer will be at Comic-Con 2018 to unveil his project to the world after all the hard work put into it. This film discusses and shares the quintessential story of geek culture, fandom, and the explosion of comic book culture in today’s world. on Friday July 6, 2018 I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking to Spencer about his film below I have listed his responses to my questions that put this film in full perspective.

1). What was your first step into the world of fandom and the comic book culture?

When I was just a few years old my mother took me to my first movie, which was Star Wars at the drive in theater. I remember sitting next to my mom on the seat watching this movie and remember being blown away.

It was a life changing experience. It was the beginning of my movie obsession. Soon after cable became of accessible and I remember watching the original Star Trek and Lost in Space. My favourite horror movies Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, beard and indoorwere The Shining and The Howling, which I shouldn’t have been watching at such a young age.

I first discovered comic books when I was on the bus home. This kid sitting next to me had a copy of a Spider Man comic where Spider Man had on a black costume and since I had never seen Spider Man with a black costume I was interested and asked if I could see it and it went from there.

2). Where did you get the idea to make this film?

I have been working on this film for about 4 years now. Over the last four years it has turned into a wonderful film full of these artists, visionaries, and fans. It chronicles the history between the artists and their fans. it is a nice chronological piece that does justice to everyone.

3). What was your favorite part of working on the movie?

You know, there were so many great moments making this film. I can tell you one of which was interviewing Gene Simmons. He was such a wonderful interview because he is such a smart brilliant man.

After I interviews Stan Lee I have to admit I was so excited that I literally could not sleep for a week. I had so much adrenaline and excitement that for the next week I could not sleep.

4.) What is the one message that you want to give fans that watch this movie?

The whole fandom movement is really about accepting humanity and it is all about the struggle oh humanity. It’s about love, it’s about acceptance, it’s about sacrifice, it’s about good triumphing over evil. These Stories that the artists tell are about us. The underlying story behind all these characters is all about us. That is the message I want ‘From the Bridge’ to give to the fans. I want to bring people together. I want everyone to celebrate the uniqueness that everyone has. I want this movie to teach what fandom is about, acceptance, and diversity.I want everyone to know that this story was made for love, and for the fans.Everyone has the ability to be a hero and do kind and heroic acts.

Interview has been edited for clarity. Trai Turner Womens Jersey

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